About Us

PT. Lawsim Zecha is supply and distribution of Pharmaceuticals excipient, raw materials, food additives, and medicine

Business Unit

Pharmaceutical Excipients

As the first business in PT. Lawsim Zecha, we provide pharmaceuticals excipient and raw materials to Pharmaceuticals Factory and other Suppliers

Food Additives

Beverages Unit has been running from 2004, we provide food additives to food factory and other suppliers. .


PT. Lawsim Zecha developing Medicine unit in 1990. We distribute product to pharmacy, clinic, hospital, and other suppliers.

Our Moto

"Quality And Service For Your Trust"


JL H Ten Raya No 41A, RT.4/RW.1, Rawamangun Kayu Putih Pulo Gadung Jakarta Timur DKI Jakarta 13210
: +6221-4752920
: +6221-4892659
: cs@lawsim.com