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As a high intensity sweetener, sucralose has proven to be safe, consistent in both quality and sweetness, and economical in cost making it the sweetener of choice for many food and beverage manufacturers. Using sucrose as the raw material, sucralose is derived through a natural product modification technology. It is approximately 600-650 times the sweetness of sucrose. Since its discovery in 1976, numerous studies have been done on the usage of sucralose and the results have consistently shown it to be very safe.



Features & Benefits


Great Taste :

Sucralose made from sugar, taste closest to sugar, easily and well accepted by consumer.


Low calorie :

Sucralose is ideal for use in low calorie and may be freely used by diabetics.


Stable Performace :

Great heat stability, stable in acidic/alkaline product, no chemical reaction with any other ingredients, well accepted and trusted by food and beverage producers.


Great Safety :

Non-toxic, no calories or carbohydrates, no effect on carbohydrate metabolism, trusted by government and regulatory agencies.


Packaging :

10 kg nett weight in square carton drum.



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