About PVA

   PVA is one of the most famous water-soluble synthetic polymers.

  • PVA ; the abbreviation of “polyvinyl alcohol”
  • Other name; PVOH, Poval


PVA’s property:


⇒ Non organic solvent system

 Lower viscosity of aqueous solution´╝łthan other water-soluble polymer)

⇒ Improvement of the productivity by using high concentration aqueous solution

 High tensile strength and flexibility

⇒ Preventing the crack under high humidity

 High gas barrier property(Oxygen, moisture vapor,etc)

⇒ Preventing oxidization of API, moisture protection  and odor masking 

 Good binding and adhesive ability

⇒ Improvement of hardness and abrasion of tablets.

It is possible to reduce the binder content.

 Good emulsifying and dispersing ability

⇒ It is possible to disperse the APIs which are difficult to be dissolved in the water.


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